Digital Polishing Tools

Digital Polishing Tools, Polishing spring tools, Polishing pad. Schneider CCP series. Optotech Polishing spring tools PT-17-50, PT-17-60, PT-17-30, PT-15-21. COBURN COBALT series.

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Freeform Polishing Machine parts

Polish Tool Holder | Bellow | Cardan Shaft Set | Clamp | Rubber bushing | Tool Holder | Ball pin | Ball Pin Holder | Polishing tool holder set | Polishing Tool Plastic Holder, Steel Holder | 8/12 Leaf Collect Chuck |

Traditional Polishing Machine series

Polishing pad | Reception Chuck | Traditional Polishing Base | Soft shaft connector

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Lab equipment

Alloy Blocker | Alloy De-blocker

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Diamond Cutters

Digital Cutters : 2mm SCD(ND) Insert | 2mm SCD(ND) Tool/2mm PCD Tool | 2mm SCD Orbit Insert / 2mm PCD Orbit Insert | 2mm Twin Action SCD Insert | 0.8mm PCD Edge Cutting Insert | 11/16 mm Flat Round PCD Insert | 11/ 16 mm Hex-Type Round PCD Insert | PCD Side Milling Cutter | PCD 8way Cutter

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Lens Coating Lab

Coating Segment, Sector | Coating dome | Coating machine carrier | Coating machine machine Drum | Coating spring rings | Lens clamping | Ultrasonic cleaning

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Finishing Products

Lens Blocking Pads (Edging pads )

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Custom Service

When parts of a machine in the lab are damaged, maybe it is difficult to find them in the market. What to do? Spend a lot of money to change the whole part? Now, you could contact Gladwin. We will try our best to help you to custom a new one in the lowest cost. Make sure that your equipment doesn't stop working for a long time.

General consumables

Polish | Alloy | Job Tray | Blocking Chuck |

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PU polishing pad

Gladwin PU polishing pad is designed for polishing critical surfaces requiring high accuracy. It is the material of choice for precision optics, ophthalmic lenses, silicon wafers, and any polishing application demanding unique contours and more critical tolerances. It can be very right replacement of LP66, LP77, LP26, LP57. The main sizes are :1400x650mm, 1400x700mm, 640x640mm, 700x700mm, 850x850mm, 900x900mm, 1000x1000mm; The maximum diameter of the circular piece can reach 1180mm and can be customized. The thickness range is from 0.5mm to 5.0mm. Back adhesive and groove are available.

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Lens Glass Mould

Glass mould for stock lenses, injection moulding

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